Yoga's been a part of me for years.

When I was a child, I practiced yoga intuitively all by myself, I could already feel the benefits of the practice on both body and mind. I can say that yoga has always given me a physical and mental balance in my life.

After a professional experience in Human Ressources that implied some extensive worldwide travelling, my family and I left France in 2002, for an expat life that lasted 11 years. We lived in the Congo, South Africa, Scotland, United States and Malaysia.

In Houston, I became a French tutor and have started teaching French as a foreign language since. It was during my stay in Asia that I was able to deepen my yoga practice, a wonderful continent where I had the chance to reside for 5 years.

My Vision

Share and humbly transmit an ancestral practice of well-being, accessible to all, combining postures, breathing techniques and philosophy.
Yoga is a wonderful path/journey to self discovery, that helps you get closer to the feeling of inner peace and self acceptance.

Best Version of Ourselves

When you sign up with me for a French immersion stay, I will be more than happy to include you in my yoga classes, that usually take place in the evening, twice to three times a week. (Complimentary).

I also organize special events throughout the year, such as short retreats and weekends combining yoga and sports/disciplines such as horseback riding, paddle yoga, surf, treks, and more 🙂 Depending on your date of booking, and interest, you are also welcome to extend your stay and register. (Please note that these special events are not part of the immersion program and extra fees apply).

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